Photo Editing

Photo Editing & Enhancement

Wedding Celebration after Photo Editing and Enhancement

Wedding Celebration after Photo Editing and Enhancement

Someone in the Picture Who’s No Longer in the Picture? 

We all have this photo somewhere. Either a family picnic, anniversary celebration or your Grandma’s 80th birthday party.

You’d love to have it in a frame sitting on your mantle, but there’s one problem.

Someone is ruining the memory for you.

Wedding ceremony before photo editing and enhancement

Wedding Ceremony Before Photo Editing and Enhancement

Here is what was Reimagined in this Memory:

  • Removed the center figure.
  • Created a bridge trestle.
  • Created buildings between the Bride and Groom with a curve to enhance their personal connectivity
  • Created the center handrail.
  • Removed a branch over the Groom’s head.
  • Removed the discoloration on the image of the Bride.
  • Color corrected the photo to provide focus on the happy couple.

Now this happy couple can celebrate the togetherness of this personal memory the way they want to Remember the Moment.

Pirate Birthday Boy before photo editing & enhancement

Pirate Boy before photo editing & enhancement

Have Fun with your Memories

• Add people
• Remove people
• Mix & match generations
• Change your hair color
• Lose 10 pounds
• Get rid of that annoying cousin
• Finally get a tattoo

You might need subtle editing or you might leap for the outlandish.

I can help you!

Pirate Boy with tattoo after photo restoration

Pirate boy with tattoo on the beach after photo editing & enhancement

Think outside the box.

Let me reinvent that memory for you!

I can make the adjustment of that person, place or thing for you.

Now you can take that memory you are hiding in the box on the top shelf of your closet and put it where you can enjoy it each and every day.

Together we can Reimagine your Memory and enjoy it from a whole new perspective.

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