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Gerrits Wedding Photo Restortion

Photo Restoration of a 1904 antique wedding photo

Have you inherited family heirloom photos?

As life evolves sometimes we are fortunate to inherit some treasured antique photos.

This happy event may present a few problems:

  • Often the photos are damaged.
  • Only one copy of the photo prohibits sharing.
  • Color shifts happen over time due to sun exposure or chemical imbalances.
  • Water damage and staining can cause buckling.
  • The size of the original can be problematic.

 I can help.

Gerrits Wedding photo restoration

Original antique wedding photo before photo restoration

  • I make high quality scans from your original.
  • All work is done digitally on the copy and the original photo is carefully treated as the heirloom it is.
  • I tenderly retouch the digital photos removing scratches and defects located on the original.
  • I am extremely careful not to compromise the intricate details found on the original photo unless you request it.

Let me provide the Custom Service your heirloom treasures deserve!

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